Coconut Printable-FREE!

freecoconutcoverNeed a coconut image?  Well…you got it!

It’s FREE!

Just go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and download this baby!

No classroom is complete without one…..or hundred.


FREE Coconut Image Printable

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Tropical Island Craft Ideas!


Bring the tropics into your classroom with this fun packet!

This 10-page packet includes:
1 sheet of tropical flower chains (2)
1 sheet of smaller tropical flower chains (4)
1 sheet of individual tropical flowers (10)
1 sheet of individual smaller tropical flowers (27)
1 sheet of large tropical leaves (2)
1 sheet of smaller tropical leaves (8)
1 sheet of thin tropical leaves (5)
1 sheet of smaller thin tropical leaves (15)
1 sheet of seashells and starfish (6)
1 sheet of smaller seashells & starfish (12)

Perfect for tropical paper crafts like:
Bulletin boards
Social Studies Projects
Name Tags
Desk tags
Library Displays
And more!


Looking for more tropical themed crafts and activities?  Check out these!

Jellyfish Suncatcher

Ferocious Fish

Paper Plate Nature Island

Cork Sailboats

Pineapple Thumbprint Art

Tide Pool Science Experiment

Easy Origami Fish

Pineapple Quilling Art

Felt Starfish

Hermit Crab Art

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A Fun Review Game for All Subjects!


A fun, non-stressful way to review facts, material, and subject content! Whether it’s math facts, spelling, science vocabulary, or any other information that needs to be remembered, this game can help you do that with your students!

This product comes with two ways to play the game:

“Please Don’t Eat the Doughnuts!”

Players have to make it home from the bakery with a dozen doughnuts without “eating” one!

“More Doughnuts, Please!”

Players try to get as many doughnuts from the busy baker that they can! The cost? Correct answers to questions!

This game consists of:
12 printable doughnut cards
Easy-to-follow instructions for both games
Doughnut certificates for participants
Additional creative ways to play the games

Please note: This game does not come with questions/answers.
Number of players: 2 or more on both games
Materials: Game cards and questions that you supply.
Suggested number of review questions: 15-25

Perfect for learning centers, small groups, family….or the whole classroom!

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“When Good Crafts Go Bad”…Part 2ish

I never thought I would ever top this insane craft magazine.

But I did. Ohhhh….I so did.

I found this beauty today…and it…is….amazing….ly….horrible.

bigxmas240 pages of…. absolute garbage! Much like the Santa on the cover.

bigxmas1Oh look! Delores is beckoning us in to see her 1964 world of glue and crazy.

bigxmas2Up first…a bread Nativity scene.  Or what happens when you serve “lima bean surprise” and rolls to your 8 year old son for dinner….and leave him unattended for 10 minutes.

bigxmas4Bird choir….and Tippi Hedren starring as the cherub.

xmas9Hold on!  You are telling me those are forks? Give me a moment….let me see if I can tell where the forks are because all I’m seeing is tree branches.

xmas8“WHAT? The Johnsons are at the door? They’re carrying gifts??? Stall them while I whip some presents up in the kitchen!  Hold on…hand me that featherduster first!”

xmas11“WHAT? The Johnsons are staying for dinner? Quick…grab everything out of the hydrator and start sticking them on the FORK TREE!”

bigxmas5Evidently, the stable was located in a flood plain.

bigxmas7Nothing says “Happy Holidays!” like purposely burning your house down.

xmas10Sadly, Delores found out that the only one who appreciated her holiday art was Mr. Santa Head.  But even he was creeped out by the dinner she threw him.

This magazine is a true gem.

Oh…and if you liked these crafts o’garbage…you’ll like this….and this too.

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Vintage Style Thanksgiving Menu Printable-FREE!


Free vintage style Thanksgiving menu printable!


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Holiday Fun for the Classroom!


Visit Late Night Coffee on Teachers Pay Teachers for some great activities to do with your students or family!

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“Turkey Wing” Seashells

turkeywingpictureMy son and I found these beautiful seashells recently on one of our shelling adventures on the gulf coast of Florida. These Arca Zebra seashells, known as “Turkey Wing” seashells, are absolutely gorgeous.

Named for the similarity to turkey wings, these clam shells can be found on most of the beaches of Florida and all the way up the coast to North Carolina.

Gobble, gobble…beach style!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Gingerbread House Craft

Looking for a great activity for the whole family….with easy clean-up!

gingerbreadboxAll the graphics to create a cute gingerbread house!

All you need is a box, scissors, and glue!

Gingerbread House Craft

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New from Rewi Coast!




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paragonkindessThe holidays and cold weather are just around the corner…so you know what that means!

Eating!! Well, yeah…but not just that.


And people are going to be searching for great crafting activities to accompany all those snacks.  Keep your eye out for vintage Paragon embroidery, needlecraft kits.  These are currently selling between 15.00-170.00 a piece.  The one above recently sold for 240.00 on Ebay.

Check them out here on Ebay.

Now find them in your adventures…and make it “sew”!

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